The Republic of Marshall Islands is convenient for registering a company and it is business friendly. The Republic of the Marshall Islands Business Corporations Act is similar to the corporate law of the US and the UK and statutorily exempts all non-resident companies from taxes.

Marshall Islands located in the equatorial region of the Pacific Ocean, East of Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean, is an island nation fully independent since 1979 and has an "associated state" status with the United States of America.

Marshall Islands jurisdiction is one of the best offshore solution to do business protecting assets, tax-free and discreetly. Non-Resident Domestic Company incorporation takes 1 to 2 days, require minimum a director (can be anyone, including an already-established company, located anywhere in the world), one shareholder and a company secretary. Minimum share capital required to incorporate a business is just $1 (US).

Main advantage is that there is no public register of company officers (Director, Shareholder, Secretary...) providing full privacy. Best uses are followings:

  • Tax optimization
  • Trading and investing internationally
  • Buying and selling goods and services
  • Holding structures

Business Legislation

A Marshall Islands Non-Resident Domestic Company is governed by the Business Corporations Act, which is under the Marshall Islands Associations Law of 1990, exempting all non-resident companies from having to pay any type of local taxes. The jurisdiction corporate law combines elements from both the United States of America and the United Kingdom, making it a first class offshore financial centre

The Marshal Islands Non-Resident Companies are also not required to file audited accounts, annual returns, or submit any financial records, details of its owners or any shareholder of the company, all the details of which are kept confidential.

Any transfer or issuance of shares by the company need not require approval from the Marshall Islands government.

Tax Benefits

Marshall Islands has a zero-tax policy for corporations established by non-residents and individuals who own them (no income tax payable). Marshall Islands is fully committed to implementing and adhering to international requirements on tax transparency standards (OECD). There is no public registry; this means information on the shareholder(s) and director(s) is kept private.

No Hidden Fees

Running a business often comes with hidden or other costs you might not consider alongside the taxes required. These include the costs of regulation and compliance or associated professional fees. These do not apply to corporations established in the Marshall Islands as there are no legal requirements to pay such fees. The low cost of doing business is one of the most attractive options.

Business Confidentiality

Non resident private limited based in the Marshall Islands are exempt from taxation (along with any foreign owner registered as the keeper) and there is no requirement that the corporate file financial statements nor annual returns. This is coupled with a high level of confidentiality regarding financial matters. The Marshall Islands does comply with OECD requirements, but disclosure to governments of foreign powers is not required due to the standards of privacy and security and there is no Public registers. Legitimate trade with full accountability and confidentiality makes this an attractive place for comany incorporation.

Our package fees are fully inclusive of all government fees, providing first year complimentary company secretarial and registered office services.

Our incorporation package include the incorporation of a company with up to two shareholders and two directors. If the company has more than two shareholders or two directors an additional fee of USD 75 per each additional shareholder or director will be added to first year package fee to cover the cost for the additional paperwork involved. If the shareholder of the new company is a company an additional fee of USD 75 will be added to the first year package fee to cover the review of the shareholder's corporate documents.

Our services will commence upon receipt of full payment.

  1. Download, fill and send us application form Order now

  2. Settle invoice provided including all your options if any.
  3. Your Marshall Islands company will be incorporated.
  4. Open Corporate Bank account.
  5. Start Business.


A Marshall Islands Non resident Company has no restriction on the amount of share capital and liability, is limited to authorised capital and respect of Marshall Islands laws and regulations. There is no specific minimum capital requirement. The standard authorized share capital is 500 shares without par value or a capital with a stated par value up to US$ 50,000. The authorized share capital may be expressed in any currency. The minimum issued share capital is either one share of no par value or one share of par value. It requires at least a minimum of: one shareholder and one director that can be the same prson (The details of company beneficial owners and shareholders are not part of the public record), a registered address, a Company Secretary (PENA LIMITED).

  • Decide your company name(s).
  • Fill in the Application Form and return to us (either email to '{office} @ {pena} dot hk' or fax +852. together with copies of identity card and passport of all shareholder(s) and director(s).
  • We will check whether the proposed company name is available for registration and confirm that all required information have been provided.
  • We will email you the Invoice for payment and prepare documents in 24h after your payment's reception.
  • You will send by express mail all signed original documents to our office.
  • PENA LIMITED will notify you when the company is incorporated 1 working days after arrival of signed documents.
  • 1 day after company is incorporated, your set of company documents is ready for pick up in our office or sending by Speedpost worldwide (from USD 90).



Ready to set up your Marshall Islands company?

If you are ready to set up your Marshall Islands Non resident company please complete our INCORPORATION FORM and send us by email.

We will review your form, clarify any issues and provide our account details for your payment. Upon receipt of payment we will prepare the incorporation documents and email to you for your signature, you will need to sign and return the original signed incorporation documents to us and we will submit the documents to the Companies Registry. The Companies Registry will process your incorporation documents and your company will be incorporated in 5 working days.

If you still have questions please email us at or contact us by using the chat form at the bottom of the page and we will be pleased to advise you.


Important Details

  1. Our incorporation package include that we are appointed company secretary, provide the registered office address and all company's registers.
  2. Your Marshall Islands company can be incorporated remotely and bank account can be opened remotely without visiting the bank : Euro Pacific Bank (Purto Rico USA); CIM Bank (Geneva), ... .
  3. PENA LIMITED is required by Anti-Money Laundering regulations to obtain copies of each shareholders and each directors passport and a copy of a utility bill or bank statement dated within the last 45 days showing their current residential address. Scanned copies can be provided to commence the company incorporation with the originals being presented to us within 15 days of the company being incorporated. If the originals cannot be presented within this time-frame then certified true copies of the originals must be provided with the certification being made by a lawyer or a notary. We are also required to obtain details of the intended activity of your new company and details of your business experience which must be relevant to the activity of your new company.
  4. PENA LIMITED will not review your account opening application or supporting documents prior to submission to the bank although this service can be provided for an additional charge (USD 200).
  5. PENA LIMITED will not attend your meeting with the bank and cannot communicate with the bank on your behalf as banks will only liaise with the company's director.
  6. Our incorporation packages do not include disbursements such as courier charges and postage. A fixed fee of USD 200 will be added in case of virtual office address to receive documents else than government letters if needed.

Last update 2020/01/21